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These 5 Amazing Tips Will Get Your Phone Charging Faster

Charging your smartphone has become our routine gesture. The day when our smartphone’s battery will last a week has not arrived yet. So, we still have to deal with it. Here in this article, we are going to share some simple tips that will help you charge your smartphone much faster.

Right Charger + Right Place

It’s always better to use the original charger that is provided by default with your mobile. Using an original charger will make sure your phone doesn’t end up exploding.

Disable What You Don’t Use

Several connectivity options like WiFi/3G/4G/GPS and much more just consumes battery power and resources. There whenever you are charging your smartphone, make sure to disable these connectivity options.

Use The Airplane Mode

If the above options seem too hard, then you can switch your smartphone to Airplane mode. This is the best way to disable all the network features of the latter. This will prevent the smartphone from consuming energy, which also means faster charging.

Therefore, whenever you feel that the network features are not needed then turn on the Airplane mode.

Don’t Touch While Charging

One thing you should not forget, the screen remains the biggest source of consumption of a phone. Not using it during charging means keeping your screen off and very low power consumption (especially if you have followed the previous steps).

Switch Off The Phone

Nothing can beat this because turning off your smartphone while charging will consume nothing and can recharge your battery quickly. This option might be a torture for some, however, this is effective.