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Block trackers & Ads on Android using any of these suggested Apps?

You can block trackers and ads on Android devices in a browser, with a virtual private network (VPN), or with custom domain name system (DNS) settings. For most people, the easiest way to block ads will be to install one of the browsers listed below.


Brave is a full-featured browser with default settings that protect your privacy more than Chrome on Android. Since the app is a browser built from the same core code as Chrome, it will likely feel familiar to people who have used Chrome.


DuckDuckGo, from the privacy-focused search engine company, gives you a simple slider to turn “Privacy Protection” on or off. It will also display a privacy grade for every site. Tap the fire icon at the top of the screen to “burn” your browsing history.

Firefox Focus

Firefox Focus lets you search and browse the web, with ad, analytic, and social trackers all blocked. You also may choose to block other trackers, web fonts, and JavaScript, as well. However, the app lacks the ability to bookmark sites.

Microsoft Edge

Sign in with a Microsoft account to Microsoft Edge on Android and you can sync your settings when you sign in to Microsoft Edge on other systems. Additionally, all it takes are three taps to turn on the built-in option of Adblock Plus as your content blocker: Tap the three-horizontal dot icon > Settings > Content blockers.