About us

What makes us who we are

Integrity always

Great sustainable business starts with great ethics. At Simba we do not trade off integrity for personal or professional gain ever.

Customer centric

The needs of our customers are at the forefront of every decision we make. We know that success depends on selling the customer what they want, at the right price at the right time with the right level of service.

Knowledge is power

Effective decisions are made by obtaining and analyzing data and training our staff to be the best. Market, customer, competitor, and organisational knowledge is pivotal to our sustainable business growth

Drive value

We stay razor focused on the bottom line and always adding value to the business

Get things done now

Our competitors and customers are rapidly evolving. We stay ahead of the game by being a nimble, efficient decision-making organization.

Commitment to excellence

We aspire not to be good, but instead to set the standard in all aspects of our businesses from airtime distribution to commercial

Who we are

At simba, we believe that communication is a right, not a luxury. We have been working hard since the Mobile industry began in East Africa to help make this dream become a reality. We are the largest distributor of airtime in East Africa, working with the biggest network in Uganda (MTN), Kenya (Safaricom) and Tanzania (Vodacom)

We also are one of the largest retailers in East Africa with over 100 retail outlets and are partnered with Microsoft, Huawei, Tecno mobile, Idroid and Samsung to sell high quality mobile phones.


There will be a communication device in the hand of every East African which will connect people, improve livelihoods and provide information to everyone


With the power of our efficient distribution model, innovation expansive retail network, talented people and data driven approach, we provide all East Africans with trusted, quality, high value mobile communication products and services

Our Philosophy

“Ubuntu: I am because you are, you are because I am”