7 Tricks for Saving Your Mobile Data in Android Phone

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July 12, 2017
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July 12, 2017

Saved Data usage in android phones is not an easy task for android users. We spend lots of shillings on mobile data and we all want money saved. Here we give you tips and tricks for saving mobile data in android phone. Many times our phone downloads lots of junks, ads, videos and apps. Here we block those irritating things for saving your mobile data in phone.

  1. Stop Auto Update Android Apps from Google Play

Sometimes, many android apps update automatically from google play store. These apps consume lots of data from your data pack. A better way to start is by updating only your important apps when you are not connected to a WIFI network.

  1. Set Data Mobile Limit in Android Phone

Always use data mobile limit feature in your android phone. If you use Internet in your android mobile from mobile data, Your Company charges you extra charge when your mobile data exceeds the limit. With this feature you know how much data you use and how much data left in your phone.

  1. Stop Background Apps in Your Phone

Facebook and Twitter apps really consume lots of data in your phone. But when you minimize these android apps in your phone , they consume your mobile data in background apps. Solution is very simple, use any Ram cleaner in your phone or you can use apps for stopping background apps in phone such as greenify.

  1. Stop Media Auto Download in WhatsApp

We use WhatsApp daily in android phones for sending WhatsApp messages. But like we all know you can send and receive media (images, video and audio) in phone. Try turning off the WhatsApp auto download for most of these files, it could save you a lot of data big time.

  1. Use Facebook Lite App

Facebook is really an amazing app but this app can slow down your phone and also use lots of mobile data in phone. Facebook launched Facebook Lite app for slow 2G internet users and users who want save mobile data, try it out! this app size is 500KB and uses less data in phone.

  1. Reduce Data Usage in Browsing (Google Chrome Browser)

When you browse internet in android mobile , you spend lots of data in phone. Google Chrome browser gives you option to save your mobile data from Data Saver feature. Turning on Data Saver feature, compresses all images and webpages in Chrome

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